The Woodford Festival just keeps on getting bigger, with the announcement of some major international artists and collaborators to be presented at the 4-day affair.

Boasting over 55 international acts from 26 different countries, the 29th Woodford Festival has just announced their two major collaborators for this years Festival, Noelene Kavanagh and Wang Wen Chih.

Hailing from Ireland, Noelen Kavanagh and the spectacle company Macnas have been commissioned to lead the creation of a gigantic 5m- tall puppet for the opening and closing ceremonies.

The Puppet, named Tilda, is the Festivals ‘wandering hero,’ whose journey is documented as a ‘quest to find herself’ throughout the Festival’s promotional posters and within the Festival culture itself.

Tilda, immortalised on the Festival’s Poster.

The second major artist to be commissioned at the Festival is Taiwan artist Wang Wen Chih. In partnership with the sydney arts collective, the sculpture based work ‘Woven Cloud‘ is a sister sculpture to his other monumental piece ‘Woven sky’ which features a 12metre tall and 100m long tunnel entrance to the Festival’s amphitheatre.


Woodford Folk Festival runs from the 27th December 2014 – 1st January 2015.