Street Art is an Australian city icon, sprawling itself against any open flat surface, entwining itself through tiny back alleys and knotted old drain pipes from buildings made hundreds of years ago.

Every inch of our urban space has an element of street art, and Søren Solkær has uncovered some of the most intriguing pieces of street gold the world has to offer in his series SURFACE.

ImageGen.aspx-4Tilt, France

SURFACE is the definitive photographic anthology of the greatest living street artists in the world today, the enigmatic Dane spending three years documenting the most elusive street artists the world has.

ImageGen.aspxStreet art Athens, from SURFACE

Fortunately for us, the world premiere of Surface is happening here on our shores, launching on the 4th March at Art Equity Sydney!

ImageGen.aspx-2Dal East, China

 The exhibition features selected photographs and a 240 page documentation of his findings, Surface also exhibiting at the NKN in Melbourne Tuesday March 10 before returning overseas for shows in USA, UK and Copenhagen.