Despite requests from the wider AFL community, Adam Goodes has continued to be booed by football fans. After taking time off from the sport, Goodes and his colleagues have made quite clear that the booing is inappropriate and should cease, although many fans do not seem to be budging, still booing at Sydney’s finals match against Fremantle on Saturday.

With GOODESEY is a new initiative, which has been started by a group of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, as well as non-Indeginous friends who are urging Australians to support Goodes during the AFL final season.

Goodes has received public support through the trending  of #istandwithAdam, and The Jezabels band member, Sam Lockwood has aimed to create a more tangible collaboration to support Goodes. Artist Zac Bennett-Brook and designer Matt Roden have created a t-shirt design that can be worn in support of Goodesey.

On the shirt design, Bennett-Brook explains the shirt features,circular designs which are meeting place symbols,” and that these represent our, “connections and relationships with people” through, “work, sport games, events and hobbies.”

The proceeds from the shirt sales will go toward Goodes and Michael O’loughlin’s GO Foundationan organisation that works to empower young Indigenous Australians. Additionally, YARN Australia will host public workshops where topics such as racism and national identity can be discussed by Australians from all walks of life.

You can purchase a With GOODESEY T-shirt here.

Goodesey shirt