What a glorious day in the realm of vinyl music.
How could you forget these boys! You didn’t did you?
Remember ‘Shadowland?’ Remember ‘Baby Body?’ Now imagine those classic tunes playing to you with the utmost character, the sincere quality of a vinyl record. For all the vinyl fans out there, open the stubbie, get out your favourite denim jacket, and prepare for a beautiful afternoon.

Youth Group, along with Ivy League Records, are re-releasing the acclaimed 2004 album Skeleton Jar on vinyl, so one can rediscover the LP all over again in the truly historic way.

A sell out show at the Newtown Social Club earlier this year,  5 years since the boys were all together on stage, told the gang they were still dearly missed.
It’s been a good 8 years since we’ve heard anything from the revered Youth Group.
And with this news, one can sleep nourished tonight.  Like Toby Martin has just tucked us in himself.

Martin, lead songwriter, singer and guitarist, is incredibly fond of the album. He explained further; “Skeleton Jar got me out of a very bad rut, and I remain forever grateful to it and everyone involved with it. Some of my best memories are of recording it: a Casio overdub with Wayne Connolly at 2am as a Sydney night dropped frangipanis on the pavement; hearing Shadowland mixed, roughly, for the first time; stepping out into morning rush-hour after the last mixing session. When I listen to it now, It doesn’t sound as I expect it to… It sounds younger than I remember.”

We all may not be younger ourselves since it was originally released, but one can dream. Youth Group will be tearing up the East Coast in celebration, with three shows set for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Skeleton Jar vinyl is out june 26th, through Ivy League.

Youth Group Tour Dates
Friday 26th June
Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Friday 3rd July
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Saturday 4th July
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

You can buy tickets, along with vinyl packages, through the Youth Group website here