In accordance with International Women’s Day, there is perhaps no better time to highlight a disturbing truth with the stunning latest single by Sydney-based sibling duo Winters End, titled ‘Mayfair’.

The latest track from Marissa and Christopher Pinto was recorded with and produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Vines, The Whitlams) though it is the accompanying, self-directed music video that manages to successfully enforce the song’s powerful message.  A campaign against Australia’s disturbing epidemic of domestic violence against women, the startling and graphic visuals offer an eye-opening insight into the daily struggle of the victims of such heinous crimes, while Marissa’s emotive and compelling lyrics provides them with a voice against such unimaginable suffering.

The song has already received international radio play, and is complete with the distant, ghostly hum of synths and Christopher’s growling tribal-like drum track, before exploding into a chorus fuelled with defiance and desperation.

“You leave me no other choice to make.”

 Even with the raw, physical abuse and injuries that are inflicted throughout the clip, coupled with the women’s visible anguish and unjustified shame, perhaps the most shocking imagery is conjured within the video’s final frames, where despite each women’s eventual plans to leave their abusive partners, one remains standing hesitantly in the doorway, as a looming hand comes to rest on her shoulder, pulling her back inside as she succumbs to despair and isolation.

The indie-electronic duo formed in 2011, with ‘Mayfair’ serving as the follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed 2014 single ‘Walls’.  Stay up to date with the band’s latest news and tour dates on the band’s official website, found here.

If you know someone who is in danger due to domestic violence, stand up and speak out, report it to police. You could be saving someone’s life. For more information visit