Winter Moon, a rock and roll group out of NZ and Australia are set to release their debut EP ‘Lucid Dreaming’  at an all out Halloween gig in Melbourne this month, with a following show to be played in Sydney.

For those who haven’t heard of Winter Moon, be prepared for a sound you’ve never really heard before, founding member Milly Moon describing their unique sound as a mix of Blues, Blues rock, Classic rock and with a dash of psychedelia.

With their EP Launch around the corner, Winter Moon sat down with us to talk about their beginnings, their experiences busking through QLD and of course their 5 song EP ‘Lucid Dreaming.’

Where’s the bands favourite place to play?

Cherry Bar! We’ve played there twice now, for our video release for ‘one sided love’ and then for our latest single release ‘the sun is gonna come’. There is always such a rad vibe in that place…it stinks of beer and sweaty rock n rollers, the barmen have lost their voices from yelling and the crowd don’t give a F@#* what anyone thinks of them so dance their asses off!

Where did the name Winter Moon come from?

I’m Milly Moon, He’s Jake Winter. It’s that simple.

How did you all meet / decide to create the band?

It’s a long and convoluted tale…Let’s just say it involved Star Wars, a dancing van called Elma, The Bundaberg busking competition (which we won btw) No really, Jake and I moved from Wellington NZ, bought a 1972 camper van and hit the road with no dollars and lots of inspiration. We busked our way around QLD and Northern NSW, fell in love with the land, the people, the lifestyle, and from this, ended in Melbourne with a repertoire of original songs inspired by our adventures.

How did you expand from a duo to an all out powerhouse band?

We’ve met and jammed with some awesome talent and through jamming listening and just getting involved in the Melbourne music scene, we’ve found the band has evolved and grown pretty organically. We began by adding a sparse percussion section to fill out the raw bluesy sound we had going, this gave us more room to move and as we played with different sounds and arrangements, we realized we were headed down the rock n roll path and needed that serious rhythm section to pull it all together!

How would you describe your sound?

Varied. To quote Tonedeaf; “To call Winter Moon eclectic would be like calling Elton John a bit colourful”. But for the most part, Blues, Blues rock and Classic rock sounds…with a dash of psychedelia.

Who are your favourite artists that you draw inspiration from?

Jack White. Janis Joplin. The Black Keys. Pink Floyd. Fleetwood Mac. And more recently, the new Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age albums have been huge influences.

What was your main inspiration for Lucid Dreaming?

Lyrically, I was trying to capture the journey from where I found my voice to the moment of giving it away. Musically, Lucid Dreaming was driven by that innate desire to escape the everyday, mundane trivialities and find a place of wonder, passion and freedom. Much like we do when we’re onstage.

Have any of you ever had a lucid dream?

I do quite a lot (Milly). I’ve always had intensely vivid, long and complicated dreams, and I often have both in body and out of body experiences within one dream and can switch between the two at will.

What was your favourite song to record on your EP?

Holy Mother! So many awesome people involved in that song meant so much energy and feeling to work with.

How was it recording at Birdland studios?

Working with Rob Long was an elucidating experience indeed. He’s been working with Lindsay Gravina in that studio for 10 years now. He could probably have mixed it blindfold with a carrot up his bum. Maybe he did. Such a cool environment – felt right at home with the 70’s porn décor – and such an easy going guy to work with. He certainly got the best out of us in that session.

Who designed your Album cover? Does it hold any symbolic meaning?

Annita Maslov. Annita has done our last two covers and we adore her work. With Lucid Dreaming we asked her to listen and draw what she felt visually represented the sound. The Hummingbirds are representative of the surrealism of a Lucid Dream – the way they move so fast yet seem suspended – The flowers are Chrysanthemums, the density and complexity of the petals give an illusion of blooming in motion. She wanted to generate a sense that everything was slowly blooming and growing out of the sacred geometry incorporated into the design.

Have you got any costumes planned for your Melbourne Halloween EP launch at the Yah Yah’s?

Yes. Oh yes. We love to dress up but you’ll just have to come along to the show to find out!

Is this your first time playing in Sydney?

It sure is! Pretty excited about it J

Your EP has 5 pretty amazing songs on it. Does it tell a story in any way?

Each song has it’s own story definitely, and they all tie together in an abstract way but it’s more of a collection of stories and dreams than a concept as a whole.

Was it a deliberate restriction to stick to 5 tracks or was it more of an organic decision?

We opted for an EP over an album as this is our first release but never fear! We are already working on the next one J

What do you hope to do after the launch of the EP?

Sleep. For three days. Then get some supports with some kick ass bands. Tour. Get famous. Buy a jam house in the bush. Release more music. In that order.

Single Launch Shows

Friday 31st October  @ Yah Yah’s annual Halloween Party – Melbourne

Saturday 8th November @ Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney