One stressor with having a huge amount of success on your debut single is that a listener will systematically put you on a pedestal. Meaning anything you release afterwards begs to be either just as good, compliment the artist’s style, or translate even better than what came before it.
Well Brisbane’s shining glory Jarryd James dropped his new single overnight, ‘Give Me Something’.

For those who aren’t aware, ‘Do You Remember’ was the first release off James’s forthcoming debut album and harboured immediate success. The track went on to top the Australian iTunes Chart, the Australian Shazam Chart, and the US Spotify Chart, achieving Double Platinum Sales. Well here’s where ‘Give Me Something’ sits into the mix.

It’s a great track, but by all means don’t expect it to spark the same reactions as you had to ‘Do You Remember.’ In comparison, the track ultimately is a little less blues and a little more pop. Really it’s because the mix incorporates less of the layered vocal effects we loved in ‘Do You Remember’, has a faster pace, includes kitsch elements like a jazz piano, and uses a standardised formula.
These aren’t negatives of course; it’s commerce after all.
It’s not as bold as it’s predecessor, but it will sell.

And there’s something ultimately attractive about Jarryd James. He’s a little earthier, a little less conventional, which ultimately makes him just that bit different. The emotional content of his tracks is incredibly relatable (so far), and his smooth vocals are having girls and boys swoon all round the nation.

When we find our way to the start / Can I hold you for the one night / I wanna be with you for the whole night / Let me show you who you are / Can I hold you for your whole life”

‘Give Me Something’ is simply about pleading for somebodies attention. It could be interpreted as feeling like you deserve more from that special someone, you want a beautiful stranger to notice you, you want the person you’ve just started dating to be a little more honest – the emotional breadth of the lyrics allow a listener to make their own meaning. Which has been key in developing James’s fan base so quickly.

With Joel Little on board, a renowned producer and songwriter (having worked with Lorde, Broods and Kids of 88), the forthcoming album, released independently via Dryden St then internationally via Interscope Records, should be a doozy.
To celebrate the release of ‘Give Me Something,’ James has announced a tour to hit the east coast of Australia throughout July. Considering his headline tour in April completely sold out, there is definitely demand, so you should definitely be quick.

Jarryd James, Presented by Thump

Friday 3rd of July
Max Watt’s (formerly The Hi-Fi), Brisbane

Friday 10th of July
The Metro, Sydney

Saturday 11th of July
The Forum, Melbourne

You can buy tickets through Live Nation here.