If culinary delights are what you crave, then look no further. The City of Stonnington have cultivated a lineup of food trucks for the 2016 Glow Winter Arts Festival capable of watering mouths from a singular whiff or gaze at one of the brightly coloured transports.

Undoubtedly one of our favourite local eats, Lets Waffle N Shake offers up a selection of delectable milkshakes of all flavours and colours, as well as a glorious cross section of Belgian wafflepops, which can only be described as “pure heaven on a stick”.

Before you get a chance to devour some of Lets Waffle N Shake’s drool worthy goodness, find out a bit about the main man behind the wheel, Ben.

Can you tell us a bit about what first inspired your to take your feasts out of the kitchen and onto the road?

We had always planned to take Waffle ‘N’ Shake out on the road and never really considered it to be in a fixed store or location. The wafflepops (Belgian waffle on a stick) and milkshakes really suit the food truck scene where you can just pick it up and eat it without having to sit down at a table.

What is the best part about being able to drive around with your kitchen?

Being a food tuck gives us the flexibility of bringing our dessert to a variety of people and locations as well experience many different events from schools, festivals, food truck parks and private events.

If you weren’t cooking up a storm on the road, what else would you be doing (or like to be doing)?

The food truck for business partner Ari and myself has been a side business. We both have full time jobs. Myself as a digital producer at Tennis Australia and Ari an owner of car garage but love taking time off and doing events on the weekends.

Can you tell us a bit about the menu you’ve put in place for GlowFest?

Our menu for Glowfest is about serving up decadent wafflepops and milkshakes topped with the most mouth-watering toppings to satisfy those sugar cravings. We are running many of our favourites including Chocolate Party Rainbow, which is a wafflepop topped with a warm Nutella and chocolate ganache and then sprinkled with a mixture of Oreo Flakes, Milo, Cocoa Pops, Flake and sprinkle and Canadian Pie which has salted caramel, white chocolate, Canadian Maple syrup, pecans custard and cinnamon sugar.

Can you tell us a bit about your fondest food memory?

Christmas has always been one of my fondest memories. I always look forward every year since I was young to be able to tuck into fresh seafood including prawns, oysters and crayfish. Then I would always tuck into the custard. It’s the one time of the year where you can just let yourself go and eat a bit too much.

Can you tell us about some of the quirky, or perhaps unusual, places you’ve pulled up and started selling your delights?

We haven’t yet come across anything to quirky or unusual but we love heading out to schools for their special events. When the bell goes for recess and lunchtime a sea of hundreds of kids swarm our bright blue trailer and being able to bring a smile to their faces through our desserts makes it all worthwhile.

Do you have a favourite restaurant or bar in the Stonnington area (or Melbourne region)?

Chez Olivier is one of my all time favourite places to go with friends and family. The restaurant is warm and cozy and their staff who all have wonderful French accents are always a pleasure. The French bistro food is amazing including classic dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon and Crème Brulé.

Do you have any food heroes? (Could be family members, celebrity chefs, friends etc.)

We have some amazing chefs in Australia and I had the pleasure of going to the same school as two of Melbourne’s best in Curtis Stone and Shannon Bennett. Also Katherine Sabbath and her inspirational drip cakes has definitely been a food hero.

Do you have a favourite food quote, or perhaps a motto?

“Life is short, eat dessert first”

Be honest, where in the world do you find the best deserts?

No doubt France has some of the best pastries and desserts in the world but being a Melburnian foodie we are spoilt here for choice as well.

What does summer look like for Let’s Waffle N Shake?

We are currently in the process of transitioning the business over to a new owner Tamara and her partner Aaron who will run Let’s Waffle ‘N’ Shake full-time over the Summer. So you should see our bright blue trailer a lot more over the coming months at many of your favourite festivals and events out and around Melbourne.


Dig in to a generous serving of Let’s Waffle n Shake Friday August 19 at The Glow Winter Arts Festival

City of Stonnington Presents

The Glow Winter Arts Festival
11 – 21 August 2016