Banks – Gemini Feed

As someone who is unashamedly obsessed with anything related to starsigns the name of this song immediately intrigued me. Gemini’s are notorious for flipping between opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, being sociable and fun one second but serious and indecisive the next. ‘Gemini Feed’ combines these two feelings with a buoyant and constant beat that creates a dark pop vibe. The juxtaposition between Banks’ dulcet voice and the darker electronic beat evokes a mixture of attitude and pain that perfectly encapsulates the idea of being a “Gemini feed”. The idea of the two characters in the song’s narrative being a “Gemini feed” supports the emotions explored i that come as Banks expresses the complications of being in love with someone who doesn’t love her back. This newest single to be released from Banks’ upcoming album is darkly evocative and beautifully creative in terms of lyrics, making me extremely excited to hear the full album later this year!


Chairlift – Get Real

Having released their latest album, MOTH, only a matter of months ago – Chairlift has surprised fans by dropping a brand new track, ‘Get Real’. A gorgeous soundscape of jangly chimes and soft synths, ‘Get Real’ presents itself as a pretty ode to forlorn love, or alternate reality. A real standout part of the track comes just before the midway point, after the chorus where Caroline Polachek’s vocals soar in stunning high-pitched, operatic tones – making the track sound like a beautiful, old Chinese song. Towards the end, the enamour of the 1980s-inspired track is replaced by a darker synth sound. Deeper basslines and distortion of Polachek’s vocals make ‘Get Real’ a more complex production – a true testament to Chairlift’s craft. Have a listen!


Gang of Youths – Native Tongue

Post-Splendour in the Grass magnificence and pre-album release, Gang of Youths has released their latest single ‘Native Tongue’. Aligning with their usual narrative-rock sound, the Sydney boys satisfy our inner teen angst with the ultimate idgaf anthem. Touches of ambient guitar accompanies their usual heavy rock sound and the intricate lyrics of front man David Le’aupepe assist in showcasing his familiar and always impressive vocals. The track finishes with the line ‘I said fuck you and I’ll tell them myself’, one in which you can’t refrain from belting out whilst thinking about those you so badly want to dedicate this song to. Accompanying the release is a video of their Splendour performance which looked like the time of their lives, mentally prepare before you watch for an overwhelming sense of FOMO or post-festival blues.

By Claire McKenzie


Biffy Clyro – Friends and Enemies

‘Friends and Enemies’ comes from Biffy Clyro’s newly released album Ellipsis, and is a powerful evocation of toxic friendships and confusing emotions. The refrain “with friends as good as you, who needs enemies” drips with powerful sarcasm as lead singer Simon Neil evocatively conveys the feeling of being trapped in a destructive friendship. Lyrics where Neil questions “was it that bad” and “am I really that venomous” encapsulate a raw sense of emotion and guilt in relation to the situation. The loud and emphatic drumbeats lend a sense of angry nostalgia to the song that is enhanced by the prominent guitar and bass. Instruments and lyrics come together in in ‘Friends and Enemies’ to create a poignant evocation of the confusion and anger that come with toxic relationships. It is an interesting and powerful song to listen to, and I’ll definitely be listening to the rest of their new album after hearing this song!

By Felicity Sleeman


Mallrat – For Real

Brisbane teen MC, Mallrat continues to drop bangers with her latest track, ‘For Real’, the second tune from her Uninvited EP. Following on from ‘Inside Voices,’ ‘For Real’ is a commentary on the mundane aspects of  youth. A self-proclaimed Hannah Montana of the rap game, Mallrat’s ‘For Real’ embodies a simplistic, happy-go-lucky sounding production – dance-like piano and a steady beat that only compliment Mallrat’s light, cutesy vocals. Lyrically, ‘For Real’ is completely on par the likes of with her own mentor, Allday: Mallrat sings, “Late to the party, hope we offend somebody” and “when you smile for real, you make me smile for real”. Mallrat’s new track is a pretty picture insight into the realms of teen-ness that sounds like floating on a cloud. Go, Hannah Montana, go!

By Ruby O’Brien


GANZ – Light Years (ft Maribelle) (Akouo Remix) 

The love child of 3 talented artists. ‘Light Years’, a track by Dutch producer GANZ featuring Melbourne’s very own Maribelle is brought to life by Tasmanian producer Akouo. Transforming the lead track from GANZ’s most recent release Gao into a heavy, glitch filled banger. Beginning a lot like the original, the track showcases dense base samples complimented beautifully by the euphoric vocals of Maribelle. Manipulation of the vocals and the addition of an experimental beat build up to the epic ending of the remix. Finishing off, Akouo cuts up the track and morphs it into a tight, dup-step anthem proving exactly why his debut EP Mesa flew to #1 on the iTunes electronic charts.

The collaboration was seamless given the recent announcement of Akouo supporting the international producer on his Australian and New Zealand tour beginning mid July, including a performance from the both of them at Splendour in the Grass.

By Claire McKenzie


Soto Voce – Better

‘Better’ manages to capture inner turmoil and the dark gritty state of the world in a way that is non-repetitive. This stems from both artists real life struggles and brings an authenticity to the table; already managing to capture 30k plus plays on Soundcloud in just under 3 weeks. The instrumentation is heavy, simple and multi-layered all at the same time. The song takes a journey and peaks at the perfect moment. The calming first half leaves a good amount of room open to potential club remixes. The 80’s influences are really heavy in the second half and bring back the balancing act of big sounds that were popular in the era.

By Ashkan Kia