Bounce out off work today, it’s Friday! Keeping you geared up for the weekend, here at Speaker TV we’re kicking off a weekly mix to share the best new music we’re currently listening to. Tailored by those who hangout in the office, our Week In Review is a quick and punchy shortlist for songs you should be listening to, as recommended by our team. A short and sweet mix this week, watch this space as we collate the best new music week by week.


Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Hurt (feat. Sarah Bonito)’

Glistening under opulent synths, ‘Hurt (feat. Sarah Bonito)’ is the latest single to be lifted from Cosmo’s Midnight’s latest sophomore EP Moments. Collaborating with total badass Sarah Bonito of Kero Kero Bonito, the track is an effortless and bubbly rework of tropes traditionally heard in J-pop; sweetly championing Bonito’s vocals before fizzing in and out of downbeats. Swirling amongst frothy reverb and smooth keys, the real charm is in the delivery of Bonito’s lyrics as she glazes over her Japanese and English in a way that makes you wonder, “kawaii desu ne?” Bookending 2015, Cosmo’s Midnight are to be prepping for a hefty season of shows – at least, that’s what I’m holding out for. You can listen to Moments EP now via Spotify or even better, purchase via iTunes. Keep up to date with Monique’s picks on Soundcloud here


The Family Jordan – ‘It Won’t Be Long’

Country music is back with a vengeance and Brisbane-based desert rock band, The Family Jordan are the ones to thank. The seven-piece cult country band have just released their newest single ‘It Won’t Be Long’. A refreshing blend of silky undertones and piercing vocals, the track will leave you nodding your head and singing along. It’s a revitalisation of classic Americana country rock that compacts a beat entirely their own. With co-creators Jordan Rochfort and Sam Joseph describing their sound as “the moment when you’re dying of thirst”, their latest record Spirit Guide is sure to get you bumpin’ along without effort. Keep up to date with Sophie’s stories here


Frabin – ‘Kids From Outer Space’

‘Kids From Outer Space’ is the second track taken from Frabin’s debut, Real.  Having released under his moniker, the Brazilian-born songwriter Victor Fabri is often known to sing in his native language of Portuguese. With all but two tracks from the LP keeping this pattern in true faith, ‘Kids From Outer Space’ is a forlorn psychedelic lullaby, complete with a cascading electric guitar riff and swelling synth melodies. The track is seemingly an emotive construct of the youth who feel alienated as though they don’t belong – or don’t want to belong – to society. Frabin manages to capture the tragic inner perspective of the isolated while still appearing compassionate and inclusive; the unrelenting backbeat of the snare drum evoking notions of a marching order with compliance to conform. Emphasised by Fabri’s distorted, droning vocals, ‘Kids From Outer Space’ is a psych dream. Follow on James’ pieces here


Goody Grace – ‘Memories’

Starting with a single acoustic guitar chord, Goody Grace’s ‘Memories’ is an intricate tale about the many perils of teenage life. As the electronic hip-hop inspired drumbeat begins, the diverse nature of the brand new single is revealed. With his clean vocal licks, the L.A based singer-songwriter blends folk; rock and hip hop elements to create a truly unique and ear-pleasing sound. Signed to Bananabeat Records at the age of sixteen, the multi-instrumentalist’s feel good track aims to remind listeners that he “was so low”, but now he’s “getting high in California”. With a clear message, Goody Grace has stated that the “song is about all the times you don’t think you’re going to get anywhere in life”. With its upbeat, optimistic nature, ‘Memories’ is the ultimate Summer hit for beach hangs, spontaneous road trips and late afternoon drinking with your closest mates. Ultimately, the young talent uses his six-string and his RnB influenced lyrics to create a dream-like song to sway away the sun to. A fresh fan of Goody Grace’s, I’ll definitely be keeping watch for his debut EP that is set to be released early 2016 via Bananabeat. Get down to Phoebe’s taste here