Californian-rapper Vince Staples just dropped the visual accompaniment for ‘Norf Norf’  from his highly anticipated debut album Summertime 06. The video reflects upon the realities of growing up in a community where you, and everyone you know, “fits the profile”.

The monochromatic video begins with Staples rapping directly to the viewer from the back of a police car, and follows him through the process of incarceration. This simple narrative has no time to be poignant, rather choosing to reflect upon a harrowingly realistic situation and not deviate from this. This systematic oppression of Black youth bat the hands of the police is a theme that Staples deals with throughout his critically-acclaimed debut. The video is the perfect accompaniment to Staples’ bleak tone, and Clams Casino’s paranoia-inducing production.

The track itself showcases Staple’s technical ability as a lyricist, as he is articulate and hard-hitting when describing his not-so-nice experiences growing up on the north-side of Long Beach, California. His flow is laconic, much in the same vain as frequent collaborator Earl Sweatshirt, but as the track progresses his tone varies, showing fleeting moments of intensity. Whilst the lyrical content is immediate, it’s necessary to give the track a few listens to appreciate all that goes into the seemingly minimalistic production. If you’re seeking a slice of realism, definitely check this out.

Summertime 06 is out now!