Forget May the 4th and Star Wars (sorry) today has been surpassed by NEW RADIOHEAD! Motherflipping Radiohead!

Voluntarily taking themselves off all social media, and basically erasing their online presence a few days ago, we’ve been waiting with baited breath for a scrap of news, maybe a new album or anything really, because Radiohead.

‘Burn The Witch’ satiates our longing for new music from arguably one of the greatest bands to have ever lived (big fan, can you tell?). At the same time, this move leaves us pondering if this a one off single or can we expect a lot more new music from the iconic band, either way, yay for new Radiohead.

The track itself sees the band deliver their all-encompassing style of music making ability with Thom York’s beautiful vocals drifting above the swirling mass of instrumentals. The song slowly builds to a frenetic crescendo of horror-film strings with the outro an eerie twitter from a bird.

The clip that accompanies the track is created with Claymation and it is basically as if The Wickerman was set in the universe of Postman Pat. I can’t really explain it better than that, you need to watch and listen and thank the universe that today is the day for new Radiohead.