Frontier Touring this morning brought the regrettable announcement that the Australian leg of Tyler, The Creator’s, Cherry Bomb World Tour, which was scheduled to begin in September had been cancelled.

Collective Shout, a grassroots feminist organisation in the lead up to the tour re-sparked a wave of controversy, surrounding the granting of Tyler’s Visa, creating a petition for the Australian Immigration Minister calling for it to be denied.

Conflict between the two had been building since an incident in 2013, which saw Tyler take to the stage at his Sydney show dedicating songs to Talitha Stone, guardian member of Collective Shout who labelled him and his lyrics as misogynistic. From here the campaign drew momentum, becoming the grounds for Tyler and his collective Odd Future to be banned from New Zealand.

Upon Tyler announcing on his twitter that Collective Shout had won their campaign bid to withhold his visa, a fury of twitter comments and animosity fuelled messages showered on member Coralie Alison, the Director of Operations at Collective Shout, from fans outraged by the news.

In response to this, Collective Shout put the blame of the fans’ responses to Tyler’s announcement, pointing to Tyler himself as the cause and insinuating that he propagated the actions of his followers. The fan response was a direct subsequent response to his tweet, however, this initial tweet directly lacked any direct verbal incitement for fan action on the matter; simply announcing the ‘success’ of the Collective Shout campaign in his ban from Australia, tagging Coralie Alison blatantly in the post.

The cancellation, however, was not confirmed by Frontier Touring, leaving fans in an existential limbo awaiting the news of whether or not the outspoken rap icon would in fact be gracing Australian shores. In recent development, the day of resolution amid a wave of confusion arrived; the confirmation of the cancellation of the Australian leg of the World Tour. In an official statement by the eccentric as ever Creator, he stipulated:

We would much rather come to Australia when it isn’t surrounded in controversy. I love my fans there and hopefully I’ll be back soon. Don’t do drugs.” He further stipulated that perhaps when he is set to return with his entourage of rap heavyweights, his music will be able to speak for itself, rather being spoken for, and people will “listen deeper than the music before” they “put it in a box.”