Here are our top picks from new releases in the past week, selected by indie-rock-god (not actually, but fangirl none the less), Taylor Yates. This week’s instalment features the likes of Drunk Mums, JOY., Justin Tebbutt, Fascinator and Half Moon Run. Get excited.

‘Pub On My Own’ – Drunk Mums

The Libertines, The Vaccines and The Strokes walk into a bar in Australia. They have a party, they decide to add a bit more grunge, and tweak the guitars a bit. You’re probably waiting for the punch-line here, but this is essentially how I’d imagine this track was formulated if I didn’t already know that it was by Melbourne’s Drunk Mums and part of their forthcoming album, Gone Troppo. The funny thing about this whole thing though, is this song is actually about going to a bar. The guitars are jangly in all the right parts, the drums are strong, and the vocals are drawn out enough to sound like lead singer Jake Doyle just like, totally doesn’t care maaahn, it’s like, whatever. There’s just the right amount of cool going on in this track, even if it is about drinking alone at the pub.

‘About Us’ – JOY.

Immediately with this track you get that JOY. has had a pretty rough time in the love sphere at some point. The heavy bass contrasting with her airy vocals (“I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking about us…” ) is warped in all the right places which conveys the emotion in this song in a very straight forward way, but incase that didn’t hit you, wait until it gets about a quarter of the way in and the falsetto notes really kick in. They’re so faint and light, but strong at the same time – in the way that you whimper a little when you cry. It hits you right in the feels, and any track that can do that is a good one in my books. When it’s not hitting you in the feels, it’s dropping the bass with the right amount of wavering synths and a bit of bass guitar thrown in.

‘Home’ – Dustin Tebbutt

Because there always has to be a slow one. This tune is just pretty. There isn’t really any other way to describe it. From the quiet vintage sounding piano chords at the start and the nearly as light vocals that graduates into a tad deeper tune half-way through with the addition of some percussion/drum and guitar (and in turn, a faster melody) this track just works. Plus, there’s violin – a personal favourite. The vocal harmonies work in everywhere they’re placed, creating layers and depth. You can tell there’s a lot of feeling packed into this one, in particular about homesickness and a feeling of not belonging. If it was possible to take photos of songs, this one would be in sepia tones with Dustin and his guitar, sort of half-heartedly smiling at the camera – pretty, deep, but at the same time just enough to not ware you down emotionally thinking about it.

‘Dead Of The Night’ – Fascinator

Get ready to get your funk on. A little bit trippy, a little bit of an indie-rock vocal and a really defined 80s vibe get this track going, and if you weren’t convinced by Fascinator before, you will be now. Synths are a huge part of this track as well, and in contrast, it almost sounds like Fascinator is whispering in parts. However, the lyrics don’t really seem to relate to anything, it’s kinda like he’s just put lines in about anything that sounds good together – at first I thought it was about New York City, but then I thought it might be about a relationship, then it comes in with the chorus of just “dead of the night, dead of the night, dead of the night” repeatedly and it throws you off entirely. but it adds to the whole trippy-ness of the track. There’s also some choir-esque vocal lines and violin around the middle that shake this track up just incase you lost focus – but I highly doubt that’s possible with this tune, even if it is nearly five minutes long.

‘Trust’ – Half Moon Run

If boppy electro-indie-jams is your thing, get on to this track right now. The opening 20 seconds or so kinda confuse you – you’re really not sure what you’re listening to, (is it electro? Is it just synthy stuff? Is it warped or is that just his voice? Is this MGMT in disguise?) but then it evens out and flares more and more into an indie-pop-meets-rock track the further into it, it gets. I wish there were some solid guitars in there, but that’s probably the only thing this track could improve on. Once the drums pick up and the synths simmer down a bit, it starts to flirt with the electro sphere, but just enough to keep you guessing. Just after the bridge, though, it all picks up again and flings itself right back into the confusing sounding electro thing it was doing at the start – but that’s alright, because by that time it gets to that point you’re missing it a little anyway.