Here are our top picks from new releases in the past week, selected by indie-rock-god (not actually, but fangirl none the less), Taylor Yates. This Tunesday we’re back in the electro sector with a touch of dream-pop. Enjoy the likes of Anna Of The North, Zone Out, GL, Wise Child and Crooked Colours.

‘The Dreamer’ – Anna Of The North.

When this tune starts, it completely washes over you. It’s all glossy and sweet, and then all of a sudden the beat hits and Anna Of The North’s voice gains this strength all of a sudden. It basically goes from cutesey little diddy to near-banger in 10 seconds, but it makes this track really exciting to listen to – and it maintains this quality all the way throughout. Every now and then the beat changes slightly or synths kick in, waking you from any trance you might’ve slipped into. It’s like a good date – it keeps you guessing.

‘Inside’ – Zone Out.

When I first heard this tune, initially, my thoughts jumped straight to Alpine. Then I realised that I’d never heard any band other than Alpine do the whole pretty-duelling-vocals thing as well as Alpine do – but they’re gonna have to watch out now, as Zone Out are in town. Never fear however, it’s not identical to the Melbourne 6-piece’s work. The vocals, although retaining that syrupy duelling quality, are a lot more muted. The synths and occasional guitars are all hushed and quiet, with a cheeky keys line every now and then twinkling out at you. I always hear people saying that music is “shimmery” with no idea what they meant – until now. This track is shimmery AF.

‘Number One’ – GL.

‘Number One’ is like a massive blast to the past. It’s so 80s/90s it hurts, even down to the fade out at the end, but it works really well, weaving in modern synth lines in a really subtle way so that if you weren’t listening to it, you wouldn’t notice, but it’s enough to take it out of thinking your parents were about to break out the leg-warmers if you heard it playing in their living room.

‘Tomoko’ – Wise Child.

These guys have to be one of my favourite new bands. They’re a brother/sister duo and I’m semi-convinced that the harmony that flows through their music is a direct result of that. They do some great stuff with synths in this track as well, making it sound mysterious. There’s duelling vocals in this one, in parts as well, which sounds really warm and inviting in contrast to the icy exterior.

‘Step’ – Crooked Colours.

Crooked Colours are one of those bands that I’d always heard of, but never actually listened to. So when I discovered this track and could finally put a name to the face, so to speak (or whatever the musical equivalent of that is), I was pretty impressed with what I heard. This has a dark quality to at first it that is sparked away every now and then with a jaunt of synth, gradually turning into a synth-y masterpiece.