Here are our top picks from new releases in the past week, selected by indie-rock-god (not actually, but fangirl none the less), Taylor Yates. This Tunesday enjoy the likes of Little Fevers, Moses Gunn Collective, The Cactus Channel feat. Chet Faker, ESC and Saltwater Sun.

‘Apple Tree’ – Little Fevers.

At first when I heard the opening guitar riff to this song, I thought it was “I Will Never Let You Down” by Rita Ora. I was confused, and went back to check what song it was. But nope, still Little Fevers – but don’t let that turn you off. ‘Apple Tree’ is a gorgeous little tune with cutesey vocals and swinging riffs that will make you feel good inside. There’s a little clicky beat at the start and a very Of Monsters And Men ‘Mountain Sound’ style beat in the chorus, but don’t hate on them for being (heavily) inspired by others. It will put a smile on your dial, and make you feel like it’s summer already.

‘Hole In The Wall’ – Moses Gunn Collective.

Slightly distorted, borderline triply guitars lead this track, almost pushing it over into the psychedelic realm – the vocals are slightly clearer though, removing a lot of the fogginess that exists prior to their entry point. It’s a very sleepy, lazy sounding track as a hole, the kind you can imagine singing in the kitchen, making a cup of coffee after a late night out. The chorus is so catchy with so little effort – minimalism is really key to this track, and that’s why it rocks.

‘Kill The Doubt’ – The Cactus Channel feat. Chet Faker.

There’s just something undeniably sexy about Chet Faker’s vocals. Okay, now we’ve got that out of the way, the 2014 Hottest 100 dominator is back with another one that’ll probably make it in Triple J’s list this year. Apparently this track was two years in the making, and you can tell – there’s so much attention to detail, every guitar note nearly sounds intricate, lacing around Chet Faker’s carefree vocal style. There’s also a really nice funk-soul element to this track provided by The Cactus Channel, that hasn’t been hidden at all by big-name vocals – it’s not all Chet Faker, Chet Faker, Chet Faker – you can hear all the space around his voice, and the result is groovy as.

‘Hinderland’ – ESC.

Can I start this off by saying man, ESC are a hard band to Google. Like, wow. Anyway, the droney yet indie rock vocals in ‘Hinderland’ slink into the dark beats and synths, that are somewhat reminiscent of the scene where the bad guy comes in, in a Disney movie. But don’t freak out. It’s got this really classy element to it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty dirty, gritty track, but the vocals are so clean and monotone that you know there’s no funny business going on here.

‘Making Eyes’ – Saltwater Sun.

80s vibes hit you right in the face with this one, and then it slides right into the indie-rock genre. Lead singer Jenn Stearnes’ vocals are undeniable sweet but not too sweet – I could imagine her doing a real shouty tune and it 110% working. The guitars are the perfect amount of bouncy, and I feel like these guys could easily be the next Wolf Alice.