Here are our top picks from new releases in the past week, selected by indie-rock-god (not actually, but fangirl none the less), Taylor Yates. This Tunesday we’re in the I’m-not-quite-sure-what-to-classify-this-as-but-I-dig-it sector. Enjoy the likes of Nicholas Allbrook, Yeo, Brijs feat. Dandelion, Sunbeam Sound Machine and Phia.

‘Blanket 3072’ – Nicholas Allbrook.

Initially, this song might confuse you. It confused me, for sure. The deep beats mixed with the dark whispery vocal line almost convinced me that there was no vocals in the song, it blends so well. But listen carefully and you might just be able to make out the lyrics (10 points to the first person who does). The whole thing is extremely psychedelic and trippy, but what hooked me in this song is the wavering synth line, it’s so consistent throughout the whole piece, keeping it together – which you definitely need for a track like this.

‘Icarus’ – Yeo.

I love the vocals in this song. They’re so chilled out and funky. ‘Icarus’ as a whole is a touch industrial sounding with random noises that sound like they could belong in a video game scattered throughout. It’s got this beat in it that’s sounds a little space-age, with enough “boop boop” noises that would make it a gem to dance to, and is one of those tracks where it gets to the end of the three minutes something and you don’t want it to end.

‘Shy’ – Brijs feat. Dandelion.

This was the stumble upon track this week. I was listening to Yeo and all of a sudden this little number started playing. The vocals sound youthful, matching the high pitched upbeat synths and you kinda can’t not feel happy when you listen to this one, it’s so damn cute. A lot of the elements in this track sound random and nearly misplaced, but, it does work, creating a bit of a mismatched cut and paste vibe to it.

‘Getting Young’ – Sunbeam Sound Machine.

The more indie-rock track of this week’s mix. There’s still a psychedelic element to the track with the wishy-washy vocals and the speeding up and slowing down in random places thing that only a select few bands can pull off. Sunbeam Sound Machine are one of them. This is the kinda song you could just listen to on a warm day on repeat and not get tired of.

’15 Step’ (Radiohead cover) – Phia.

A modern twist on the Radiohead tune, Phia mixes things up firstly with a female vocal line, but with some upbeat clanky tones replacing what would otherwise be a sleepy lazy sounding track. The thing that I love about this song is that she could quite easily pass this one off as her own. She’s taken it, bent it around a bit, changed up the instruments, and before you know it, she’s got a winner.