Here are our top picks from new releases in the past week, selected by indie-rock-god (not actually, but fangirl none the less), Taylor Yates. This Tunesday we’re not really sticking within any certain genre, but instead we’re bouncing around inside pop, indie-rock, mellow spaced out electro…you name it. Enjoy the likes of The Harpoons, Babaganouj, Lastlings, Oh Wonder, and The Ocean Party.

‘Ready For Your Love’ – The Harpoons.

The thing that really strikes me about this track is that it’s so different than what The Harpoons usually do. Generally hanging out in the electro-synthy area, they’ve done a total switch up and run headfirst into gospel choir and soul territory. If you’re into The Harpoons, I can nearly guarantee that you were not expecting this to be their next track – I know I sure wasn’t. It’s got a massive chorus, and they’ve sneakily weaved some electro elements in after the chorus. But if you didn’t check who it was by, you probably wouldn’t recognise it was them. It’s like a modern twist on gospel music.

‘Hit Song’ – Babaganouj.

‘Hit Song’ is just so rocky, I love it. Dare I say it might actually become a *hit song* (I also shouldn’t become a comedian, I know). This track just has so many feel good vibes in it, from the upbeat yet heartfelt vocals in the big sweeping choruses to the drums and guitar that just melt into each other to become this colossal indie-rock banger of a song.

‘Wavelength’ – Lastlings.

This is where we start to get a bit different in this week’s mix. The ominous tones of this track sound wet (stick with me on this one) and you kinda feel like the lead singer, Amy Dowdle is actually in danger of drowning – that’s how watery the vocals are, but thankfully there’s enough space in the mix to give her room to breathe. The beats are shallow and mellow, the synths are warm and fuzzy and there’s these cute little keys that come in every now and then, adding some sparkle to the track.

‘Heart Hope’ – Oh Wonder.

Pretty pinching piano tones open ‘Heart Hope’ before duelling vocals kick in and sweep you away. You can’t help but relax when listening to this track. It kinda sounds like a lullaby, in the way the vocals are just so soft and floaty next to the punchy yet light and dusty piano tones. This is one of those tracks where the contrasting instruments work together to create something totally beautiful and synergistic.

‘Greedy’ – The Ocean Party.

Because there’s always gonna be an indie-rock one unless I say otherwise. I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself. This one opens with guitar and vocal tones that flashback to the 80’s, and then some modern sounding guitars come in and bring you back into the present, along with some washy modern indie-rock vocals to match. The track then just keeps bouncing in-between the two. It’s a hard song to listen to at first because of this, but the more you listen to it, the more the melody marriage works – but just as you’re getting comfortable, it cuts off and you feel like you need to listen to it all over again – and any song that prompts you to listen to it again is a good one, in my opinion.