As you may have already seen plastered all over the Internet, BuzzFeed are fan girl-ing (hard) over world domination candidate, Taylor Swift.

So hard, in fact, that they have produced a play by play tutorial, that shows readers how to add ‘Shake It Off’ to their Triple J Hottest 100 selection.

While only songs that received airtime in 2014 can be eligible for the official 2000 song shortlist, voters are able to add their own tracks (bitch this my jam).

“People are welcome to add songs manually to their voting shortlist and those votes count exactly the same as anything voted from the Triple J list,” Triple J station manager, Chris Scadden told News Corp.

“We don’t comment on voting campaigns whilst Hottest 100 voting is open. It draws attention to them and may influence the results of the poll,” he added.

Although it seems unlikely that Swifty baby will make the cut, there are instances in the past of unplayed artists cracking the 100. 1995’s Hottest 100 saw Alanis Morisette appear three times despite never receiving airplay along with Green Day’s, ‘Good Riddance’ and U2’s, ‘Elevation’.

We all love Taylor Swift (secretly or otherwise), however the Hottest 100 means a great deal to a lot of artist, particularly Australian ones, so keep that in mind as you cast your votes.