Rockin’ all female trio The Coathangers are set to bring their electrifying all out party rock to venues across Australia to kick off 2015 with a bang.

Channeling the flavours of many great stage owning heiress before them (think Patti Smith and The Runaways), the instrumentally prolific outfit are set to give Australia a taste of their Atlanta fuelled rock interpretation, kicking of mid January.

Their latest release Suck My Shirt combines an inimitable blend of garage rock, brute instrumental shredding and a tough of emotional depth, all for good measure.

We caught up with The Coathangers to go over their latest creation and weave our way through their new release!

Follow Me:
This was one of the first songs we wrote for this album. It started out about one person but the last lyric is about someone else entirely, funny how a song can change within itself right?! But yeah this was a really fun song to write because it came so easily to us all.

Shut Up:
So Julia (guitarist) came into the practice space with a drum beat and all the lyrics for this diddy all up in her head so we decided I (Stephanie, drummer) should play guitar and Meredith would hold it down on her fav instrument, bass, and it worked out really well. The fact that we switch instruments sometimes makes it challenging and interesting in the fact that we all play each instrument so differently, so yeah.

Springfield Cannonball
This song is about someone who lives in Springfield, MA. And thats all we wanna say bout dat.

Merry Go Round
This one started out with Julia just singing (until the departure of our keyboardist) but then Julia had to learn bass for it as well as sing. Its simply a song about life, love, and the pursuit of gettin high….

Love ’em and Leave ’em
This title speaks for the song itself… its basically about how women also have relationships that are brief yet important and at the same time tragic, being in a touring band can make it difficult to be in a solid relationship and thats where i was at that point in time.

This song was written musically first then the lyrics came slowly… it was by far one of the most intricate songs we had ever written. The subject of this song was basically about friends one can lose along the way for no reason other than the fact that people simply grow apart over time.

This song is about ex-boyfirends (or if the listener wants ex-girlfriends) basically about shitty exes… nuff said

Dead Battery
Ok so we were in Chicago and almost killed our van on a six week tour by leaving a light on in our van… we got to talkin about how much it would have sucked if we had done that and then got stoned and proceeded to compare how certain people we know could also be compared to a dead battery… sometimes people suck the life outta ya and thats kind of the idea bout that.

This song is entitled Adderrall for the only reason of tryin to get our fans to give us that shit on tour as we drive, usually, 5-12 hours a day… the actual song has nothing to do with it…The song is mainly about stickin it to the “man”, whether it be a shitty person, boss, etc…

Derek’s Song
This song is about our dearly departed friend/musician Derek Shepard from Seattle/LA… he was a huge inspiration and amazing friend to us all… Look up his old bands, most recent being Sick Secrets and The Plastic Letters. RIP baby….

I Wait
This beautiful lil ballad is about our bass player’s dearly departed Uncle Mickey, whom we all had the pleasure of meeting when we would stay at her parents house on tour.

This song is about all over our sweet lovers whom we always seem to be leaving (bc of tour, etc) or who have to leave us… what can we say we are some sensitive birdies over here!!!


Thursday 15 January | The Barwon Club | Geelong, VIC

Friday 16 January | The Tote Hotel | Melbourne, VIC

 Saturday 17 January | The Brisbane Hotel | Hobart, TAS

Wednesday 21 January | Rad Bar | Wollongong, NSW

Thursday 22 January | Frankies Pizza | Sydney, NSW

Friday 23 January | The Great Northern Hotel | Byron Bay, NSW

Saturday 24 January | Trainspotters | Brisbane, QLD

Sunday 25 January | Spotted Cow | Toowoomba, QLD

Tickets on sale 1st November