Most people think that screaming is a thing nasty and angry people do when they fly off the handle as they spill their soup on your carpet. Luckily, The Montreals have reminded us that screaming can also be fun, euphoric and a sweet backdrop to the feeling of emerging companionship!

The Adelaide indie-pop group sure do have a lot to be happy about, their breakout debut EP ‘Indigo Club’ landed them on stages all around Australia alongside mainstays like Andy Bull, The Last Dinosaurs and Alpine– giving them a wealth of experience in the life of rampant live shows. Heading into 2018 with the release of this track and an exciting accompanying national tour  announced, it looks like they’re going to have an even bigger year.

The track itself is absolutely brimming with joy, opening with some lush keys and the joyous screams of a chorus of people who sound like they’re all going down a real big slide. From here we progress through a cascade of angst, confidence, fear, claustrophobia and longing- all propelled by the energy of youth and optimism. The production on this thing is consistently bouncing and rampant, setting the backdrop perfectly for a great Summer track which gleefully ignores the fact that it’s no longer Summer as it makes a sandcastle.

The colourful vocals are also a high point here, mixed in well with the track we get some really cool moments where a tune is held a bit longer than you expect or a tone is shifted instantaneously. It’s unpredictable and hella dynamic, creating a great mixture of poppy catchiness and frantic exploration.

Drawing to mind comparisons to Last Dinosaurs, Two Door Cinema Club and Passion Pit– ‘Sardines’ stands as a great track which echoes the forlorn millennial hopes of the “understandably numb, understandably dumb, understandably young”.



Thursday 12th April Moonshine Bar Sydney
Friday 13th April  Selina’s Sydney

Sunday 15th April  Grace Darling Melbourne
Friday 20th April  Fat Controller  Adelaide

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