In a song written in reaction to one of the members telling stories of the difficulties they face as a customer service operator  in the elite and highly snobbish world of Melbourne’s cafe scene, ‘Yuppies’ is the self-reflexive millennial romping and stomping anthem to get you through that shift.

Sophisticated Dingo’s attack of elitist culture situates itself right in the annals of garage-punk whilst also retaining an element of unpredictability that’s harnessed by a roar of guitars and strong riffs. The looseness of the energy is contained by a strong pop structure and a hell of a catchy hook. Additionally, we also have noisy segments of the track where a strong and weirdly eery atmosphere is set, counterbalancing a sense of comedic rage with a dark and self-aware propensity. It will be interesting to see how they make use of this combination between the textures of garage-rock and the punchiness of punk in the future and it would be rad to see them go into these noisier elements with the same level of energy they display here.

So far, Sophisticated Dingo have shared stages with Tired LionThe Gooch Palms, Dear Seattle, Mesa Rosa and Raave Tapes, finding themselves building upon an expansive mosh-community each time they plug in. They will be touring Melbourne and Sydney for their ‘Yuppies’ tour which is sure to be a blast and a half.