With deep-house rhythms and earnest vocals, Oscar Key Sung’s new track ‘D.Y.T’ is as much of a banger as it is a sobering depiction of complex relationships.

‘D.Y.T’ will be released this Friday through Good Manners Records. According to Key Sung himself, he has been deeply influenced by performing and living in Mexico City, Los Angeles and Berlin and he has “metabolised [these] experiences into work that I am now super excited to share this year”.

Whether this means he’s incorporated the folk-tendencies of Mexico City EDM, the techno bounce of Berlin or the madhouse of cultural ideas imbued from Los Angeles into his own Melbourne house sound remains to be seen, but all are an exciting prospect. It is the feeling of profound longing which ultimately denotes this track, making it a personal statement on romantic relationships.

The yearning for simplicity in complex relationships can be felt in the pre-chorus, with Oscar singing “I don’t want the truth, so lie to me” with a sincerity that borders on desperation. It’s got all the emotional resonance of a good pop-song and all the bounciness of a well produced EDM track ensuring that it will be attracting all sorts of attention – so you best get on it and get on it quick.