The focus of love in pop songs is usually located in two areas of interest: the emergence of it and then its absence. What Melbourne newcomer Eliott decides to focus on instead is the reliable kind of love, the love that lasts and remains no matter how much time passes. In Eliot’s words, it’s a “kind of love you very rarely find”.

This is the second track from the indie-pop singer and songwriter, and it precedes the release of an EP. The track itself features production from Jack Grace, whose bouncy and bubbly synths create the perfect setting for a complex intimacy that Eliott expands upon.

In fact, the chemistry between Grace’s instrumentation and Eliott‘s vocals provides many an interesting moment on the track. With Grace using the huskier elements of Eliott‘s voice to really enhance the coziness, whilst the idea of distance is expressed through her longing performance and lyrics: “Need you to know that I’ll never forget you”.

It’s a track that simultaneously expresses the urgency of love and the overwhelming distance it can surpass. Here, Eliott‘s songwriting chops are on full display as a soulful crooner that is sure to take the world by storm.

Eliott will be performing throughout the country in the coming weeks, dates below.

15/3 Lanks Support @ Howler, Melbourne
16/3 Rare Finds @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
23/3 Rare Finds @ Penny Black, Melbourne
24/3 Rare Finds @ Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney