The Metro Theatre was pulsating with energy tonight. With the powerful pop-punk revival in full swing, I was instantly thrust into the sounds, the songs and the vibes of yesteryear – and loved every second of it. While taking us back to the glory of the genre, Tonight Alive gave us a glimpse into its bright future. From support acts to headliners, all performers presented their sets with a coolness and confidence which made the night one worth remembering.

The sets performed by both AViVa and Between You And Me allowed us to get a glimpse into how the future of pop-punk and power pop will sound. AViVA started the show with a set that perfectly displayed her individuality in a confronting, yet entertaining way. While her vocal performance was well-delivered, her theatrics stole the show. With facial expressions and dance moves that perfectly complimented her setlist, those of us in the audience felt we were witnessing the development of a new and captivating artist. AViVA is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Following this, Between You and Me delivered a set that was reminiscent of the great performers from pop-punk’s past. Full of witty banter, guitar-based choreography, and high-energy music, this four-piece helped us remember why the world loved pop-punk – because it is fun. Complete with Storm Trooper balloons getting torn to shreds within seconds and barely PG-13 banter to keep the set running smoothly, this band made this May the fourth a special one to remember. However, it was Tonight Alive’s performance that took the night to another level.

The second Tonight Alive burst onto the stage to the sounds of ‘Book of Love’ the audience was enraptured. They were magnetic, sharp and in their element. The audience virtually morphed into an intense and unified choir, revelling in the growth and strength seen in band over the last decade.

By playing a wide range of songs from their discography, the band catered to old and new fans alike. The banter spoken onstage also served to cater to all attendees by preaching a message of love, unification and inner strength. During their moments of interactions with the crowd, Tonight Alive were capable of making audience go from moments of collective breathing and mindfulness to primal moshing and hollering within seconds. This serves as a testament to the band’s impact on their loyal fans, which is uncommon and praiseworthy in the modern age.

Within seconds of the opening of  ‘How Does It Feel’, the audience erupted into excitement. It was unquestionably the standout performance of the night, leading to an influx of people crowd-surfing across the floor with everyone else screaming in joy.

Driving home their strong theme of self-empowerment and inner-strength, the band performed songs that promoted inner peace and power to us all. By playing heart-tugging tunes such as the acoustic rendition of ‘Oxygen’, Tonight Alive turned on the charm with their technical prowess and sentimental lyrics. This feeling of bittersweet unification was, once again, felt when playing instant classics such as ‘The Other Side’.

The past ten years have seen Tonight Alive hit great strides of success. Following their new release, Underworld, their latest album reached number 11 on the ARIA album charts. It is clear their success was undeniable and well-deserved throughout the band’s performance that evening. Tonight was well and truly alive indeed.