If you haven’t had time to dissect the Let Them Eat Cake lineup (or discussed said lineup in your group chat) and are yet to plot a life size graph of your New Years Day set time hopes and dreams, then by gosh you’d better start to panic. Yes hun, the lineup has been released, it’s totally epic, and ergo, it has caused 1st release tickets to sell out in record time. Let’s have a look at the sweetness in store.

Whether or not you placed bets as to who would feature on the annual Let Them Eat Cake lineup, I doubt anyone predicted this much epic talent heading to the mansion in 2019. Sitting at the top of our ‘not to be missed‘ list is UK artist Midland, the legend behind infamous dance-floor anthem ‘Final Credits’ and who has likely featured in every good proto-house set you’ve ever listened to. By day he goes by Harry, by night, he goes as the man who has played almost every major dance music festival and nightclub in the world, including Dekmantel, AVA, Berghain Nightclub, Into The Valley Festival, and has even had guest mixes on BBC Radio 1. Can’t you see it now, you under the shade of the trees, frosty beverage in hand, being serenaded by Midland? I sure can.

Another LTEC heavyweight contender is none other than Peggy Gou, the South Korean born, German-based producer and DJ, who recently won track of the year for her song ‘Itgehane’ and who also just won your heart. She exudes raw talent and an epic amount of coolness, with her ability to use organic instrumentation and samples, and then transfer them into a heavily electronic framework. Her first boyfriend taught her how to DJ, which led her to teach herself how to produce music whilst living in London. Since this time Gou practised her craft, producing over 500 tracks before releasing her first EP in 2016 which received virtually immediate success. In the last 2 years, she’s jumped from strength to strength, making her first Australian appearance late in 2017. Fun fact, she’s obsessed with toy giraffes, and you might just make her new year if you gift her one at Let Them Eat Cake.

Other notables featuring on this huge lineup include Nightmares On Wax (DJ set), Bicep, DJ Boring, and Motor City Drum Ensemble; I know right, insane.

Whatever your flavour is, there’s something at this years Let Them Eat Cake to suit you. You better make a move though and sort out who in your crew is buying tickets this year, it’s a royal affair not to be missed.