On Saturday night, Melbourne had the pleasure of experiencing a visit from one of the biggest DJs of 2018, Norwegian Artist – Kygo.  The rising, international electronic dance music (EDM) sensation brought along two special guests for his ‘Kids In Love’ Tour, featuring Canada’s Toronto based EDM DJ Frank Walker who opened the show with his banger set followed by Australia’s very own – Conrad Sewell, performing soulful hit singles during the second set before the main star Kygo stole the show.

In spite of Melbourne’s ‘four season in one day’ whirlwind weather, the show, without a single doubt was exceptionally warm, welcoming and inclusive of all, as the mixed crowd of show-goers buzzed with excitement anticipating an unforgettable night.

The main man of the evening – Kygo and his talented vocalist Conrad Sewell did the audience justice with both individually acknowledging the dedicated fans efforts of withholding against the untimely forceful breezes of Mother Nature.

As the saying goes – the show must go on, which in this case it most certainly did, with each set providing an incredible surge of positive energy transforming Sidney Myer Music Bowl into a giant continuous wave of happiness.

The audience went wild for the recognisable sing along hits such as “Never Let You Go” from his 2017 album, “It Ain’t Me” from his most recent, top hit collaboration with artist Selena Gomez and more from his Cloud Nine, Kids In Love and Stargazing albums along with popular remixes including “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye and more .

The Tropical House favourite – Kygo, gave a solid performance, engaging with the audience frequently and even revealing that Melbourne has been one of his loudest shows. Just one glimpse at the moving audience, and you can easily see why.

With such familiarity to well-known viral tunes, the audience was alive with dancing and singing, creating an atmosphere that’s rare and special.

It was an electric moment with all the hands high in the air, waving with the magic of the music as Kygo delivered a mesmerising performance while appearing to enjoy it just as much as his audience. The catchy rhythms complimented with punchy additions made the remixes both incredibly danceable and fun to listen to.

The visuals of his show were beyond incredible with flashy visual displays, showcasing a phenomenal high-quality production by capturing every single on stage action. The colourful laser lights heightened the energy amongst the crowd, enabling the audience to feel pumped and connected to the music.

It’s been four years after the release of his single Firestone featuring Conrad Sewell’s vocal, which has over 650 million views on YouTube – a smash hit that every fan in the audience was waiting for. And they did not disappoint.  After building the hype throughout the show, the duo delivered a golden performance, pleasing fans who had been clamouring after their number one hit.

The show came to a bittersweet end with the pair treating the audience to not one but two versions of Firestone, with Kygo playing his original electronic version of Firestone in the final moments of what was an exceptionally magical night of lifted spirits and great music.

Kygo effortlessly emits charm all the way from the very first hello to the last farewell, fulfilling every fan’s dream. Such is the stage presence of Kygo, that his concert is guaranteed to leave you physically buzzing with euphoria and bursting with energy. What a wonderful night for Melbourne fans!  

Kygo’s music is available to stream on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

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