Flight facilities, comprised of duo Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, concluded their Australia wide tour in support of their new single All Your Love at The Forum with back to back shows on the 13th and 14th of September. Gruzman and Lyell, dressed in their various pieces of pilot uniform, concluded the tour with a bang, boasting both as sold-out shows.

It has taken me three weeks to write an adequate concert review of Flight Facilities at the Forum Theatre, and I am still unsure if I have done it justice. I went into the concert not knowing what to expect and left wondering how I was to condense the experience into a piece of writing.

The night outside was cold, however, the atmosphere inside the Forum was anything but. The warm, crowded feeling inside the venue contained the excitement of hundreds of people, all crowding and jostling within the Forum’s large standing area, trying to get a better view. The stage was stark except for the familiar flight deck, whose modern style seemed out of place amongst the Forum’s décor of old statues and ornately decorated walls. But despite this, the blue starry ceiling of the venue promised an experience which would be sky high, and the tension was palpable as the audience strapped in, ready for take-off.

As the duo begun so did the feast for the senses. The impressive light show which accompanied their renowned tracks transforming the forum into something close to thriving night club. Flight Facilities are renowned for their ability to get the crowd revelling and they did not disappoint. From the moment they began, the opening synth lines of Need You ringing out through the expansive space, it was clear that seat belts need not be fastened on this flight.

Accompanying the boys and taking care of female vocals was Owl Eyes, also known as Brooke Addamo, a regular on the Flight Facilities stage, whose seemingly boundless energy had her running backwards and forwards, energising the swelling crowd. By nothing but her own steam and velvet sounding vocals, Addamo managed to match the limitless energy Flight Facilities seemed to bring to the table and then some. Under her wing, not a hint of turbulence was felt in the cabin as the duo continued to roll through their long list of hits.

Ric Rufio made a similarly stellar contribution and accompaniment to Gruzman and Lyell’s performance. Rufio, after making a small and sweet shout out to his aunt in the audience, performed a stunning rendition of the tours feature track, ‘All Your Love’, adding a welcome neutralising force to the table with his own signature RnB, soul-inspired style. Between Rufio and Owl Eyes’s frequent appearances for tracks such as Crave You and Clair De Lune, Flight Facilities were able to excel in what they do best, and the crowd was responding.

When the final crescendo of sound hit and Gruzman and Lyell stepped off stage, marking the end of their main set, the feeling was best summed up by the girl standing next to me, who told me, or rather yelled at me over the noise, that, ‘There’s no way that’s it, they still have to play Crave You’.

Stomping feet echoed over the wooden floor, bidding the duo back for an encore. And not ones to ever disappoint, Flight Facilities returned, with Rufio and Owl Eyes in tow, to play the forum out with their still enormously popular, 2010 epic of a song, Crave You.

Having been a dominant force in the electronic music scene since 2009, Flight Facilities have proven that they’ve not only still got it, but that they’re still at the top of their game.

If one should be so lucky to catch them in concert, it is not an opportunity to pass up.