On Friday evening, two young girls daintily appeared on the side of stage. Sisters, Mabel and Ivy, aged 14 and 11, silenced the crowd at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, such was the quality of their own rendition of Clare Bowditch’s song ‘I Thought You Were God’. The girls sang with an angelic beauty, hitting high notes with ease. Their harmonies rose and fell seamlessly with an impeccable blend. The performance captured the innocence of their youth, and the breadth of their talents. It was pure and natural and heart warming. The performance was part of Bowditch’s Winter Secrets Tour. Alongside The Twoks, Adalita and Bowditch the Charm of Finches played. The duo have recorded their own EP- it is charming and sounds unlike most things played on the radio. Their songs, the way they sing, and they way they assemble the words and the music is enchanting. You can listen to one of their original songs on their website: charmoffinches