Popular American music and arts festival Bonnaroo is taking a a different approach to the standard ‘over-hyped lineup announcement’ we have witnessed over the past few days (Coachella, Ultra etc..)

Their unusual and very-2015 method of revealing the lineup was explained in this short VHS titled “Hot Line” style advertisement.

Fans who live in the States will be able to call a Bonnaroo hotline  (1-844-ROO-2015) on the 13th of January, where they’ll be given an artist on the bill to post on social media with the hashtag #Bonnaroo.

This all sounds good and clever in theory, but the organisers perhaps forgot about how unforgiving the internet can be when given an opportunity like this.  People of the internet are already posting fake lineup announcements all over Twitter and Facebook.

Bonnaroo will release the real lineup 24 hours after the social media frenzy starts to clear up any confusion.

This is the lineup so far, as advised by the elders of the internet:

Billy Joel

David Bowie


Nirvana ft. the hologram of Kurt Cobain 

Daft Punk


But more likely:


Joel Turner and The Modern Day Poets

Drake performing as Jimmy Brooks (The Wheelchair Kid from Degrassi: The Next Generation)

The Potbelleez 

Anthony Callea performing the songs of George Michael

Wyclef Jean and The Band Aid 60 (1984 + 2014)

Courtney Love


R Kelly performing Trapped In The Closet in its 22-part, hip-hoperatic, and superfluously fucked-up entirety. 



Happy festival season everyone!