Forming back in 1999, frontman and guitarist Tommy Boyce, of The Casanovas had a real passion for rock n roll with influences spanning far and wide locally and internationally. Singles ‘Nasty’, ‘10 Outta 10’ and ‘Shake It’, helped earn them a nine week in European and the USA with The Datsuns followed by a stint at SXSW in Texas, and lets just say the rest is history….

Fast forward to May 2015, with two albums under their belt including The Casanovas (2004) and All Night Long (2006), The Casanovas are now getting ready to release album number three Terra Casanova via Rubber Records.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the album and their upcoming launch show at Ding Dong Lounge in their hometown of Melbourne, we asked Tommy to take a trip down memory lane back through the band’s music video archive and share with us his favourites…

‘Hot Moves’

I had to think hard about whether or not we’d actually done four video clips…. My favourite is most definitely ‘California’. Although we don’t actually appear in the clip, the amazing footage we used is from a 1980s, tits n ass, “let’s make a pact to get laid this summer” style movie called ‘Hot Moves’ set around Venice Beach. We loved this film for years before we made the video. In fact, I remember sleeping over at a friends’ house when I was about 12 yrs old and his liberal dad let us borrow it from the video store. The guy who did the editing of the footage to our song for the video did a brilliant job; there’s a band playing on the beach and it’s cut so that it looks like they’re playing our song. When ‘California’ came out as a single, it was probably the only song that got airplay on commercial radio so all these new fans came down to see us play live and couldn’t work out why we looked so different to the band in the video. Genius.

’10 Outta 10′

Next would have to be the video for our very first single, ’10 Outta 10′. This was made by some friends of mine who’ve now gone on to much bigger things in the film world, Germain Mcmicking and Rupert Porter. Shot on a shoestring budget, we tried to capture the spirit of a kind of ‘Hot For Teacher’ (Van Halen) meets ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ (Twisted Sister). We actually did manage to recruit a really gorgeous girl, Tabitha Lovett, to play the teacher too… which, given my acting skills, is probably the saving grace of the video. I love that Paddy (my brother and then drummer) is wearing no top and a dog collar! I think I forced him to. I laugh and cringe very much watching this! To this day, ’10 Outta 10’ remains our most requested song at our shows.

‘Shake It’

Continuing on with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks we made ‘Shake It’ with Matt from The Nation Blue. This one’s pretty funny too… a gaggle of babes having a backyard pool party at a Toorak mansion…. with us as the band under the gazebo. The girls were all ‘dancers’ from Goldfingers… they were super nice too actually.  I love that it’s one continuous shot from start to finish.

‘Born To Run’

Next Up is ‘Born To Run’, which, although the video is just us playing live in a studio cut with some vintage footage cut in, it’s one of my favourite Casanovas songs. This is the band playing at its very best… full steam ahead. It even features our very dear friend, Keelan, from Cockfight Shootout, on guitar too. He was playing with us live for a while there.

The Casanovas launch Terra Casanova at Ding Dong on Friday May 15th.

Tickets available via

Terra Casanova out through Rubber Records on May 15th.