Tigertown have released the video for their fresh new track ‘Lonely Cities’. Lifted from their latest EP of the same name, the four piece band hailing from Sydney have created an infectious pop infused track that celebrates the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship.

The video, which was filmed in LA under the guidance of Kenny Laubbacher, mirrors the poignant lyrics of the track. Clever editing and side by side scenes display a couple plagued with the issue of separation. Their various ways of coping with their estrangement makes for an entertaining viewing experience. As the band highlights “It’s going to mean something different for everyone because being apart can have good and bad outcomes”.

The video is just as fun at the record, signifying the talent of Tigertown to balance heavier content with their signature synth pop style. The video doesn’t dwell on the woes of distance, rather focusing on the struggle and hope that accompanies a long distance relationship.

Fresh from their successful Australian tour and sold out US headliner shows, Tigertown have only given us only a taste of things to come. Check out their ‘Lonely Cities’ EP here.