The Weekly Groove is a your performance guide showcasing upcoming Dance works around the Nation.


New Zealand Dance Company – ‘Rotunda’

In a 75 minute piece that epitomises the Company’s signature blend of traditional Maori dance with contemporary practice, New Zealand Dance Company is joined by Melbourne’s own Darebin City Brass Band to present their Australian debut ‘Rotunda’ – a theatrical narrative reflecting on the ANZAC Centenary.

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The Australian Ballet – ‘The Dream’

A trio of dance delights: see Frederick Ashton’s take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, witness a pas du trois like no other in Monotones II, and watch dancers be pushed to their physical limits in Symphonic Variations.

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Moscow Ballet La Classique – Sleeping Beauty

A traditional rendition of the fairytale of Princes Aurora: The Sleeping Beauty, to Tchaikovsky’s renowned classical score.

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Natalie Weir: ‘The Host’

The Host is a dance theatre piece about an elaborate dinner party of the power-hungry, showcasing the greats in the performance industry with choreography by the award-winning genius Natalie Weir, costuming by Brissy fashion designer Gail Sorronda, and accompanying live music by Southern Cross Soloists.

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Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts – Pulse

This cutting-edge contemporary piece performed by the Academy’s 2nd and 3rd year dance students, features a four-piece collaborative production team including famous Chinese choreographer Xianrong Xiao, Dutch choreographer Nils Christe, LINK Artistic Director Michael Whaites and WAAPA alumnus Kynan Hughes.

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