When I think of The Royal Melbourne show, I think of my 8 year old self, hyped up on sugar sticks with three show bags slung on one hand and my dads hand in the other as I dragged him through the mass of crowds to the highest, most colourful ride I could find.

However since I was a child the culture of the show has changed dramatically, with more emphasis on agriculture and local produce than the over the top rides.

Not to mention after the Airmaxx 360 incident at the Adelaide show last week, I have some doubts on the masses of parents who will be strapping their children into thrill seeking rides any time soon.

Just past the giant pie in the sky; a beacon of the shows famous past, sits the food pavilion, housing some of the countries finest produce. With stalls  ranging from  Woollys to some true blue country cookeries, the Show has got your food cravings covered.

The newest edition to the Pavilion this year is the Masterchef kitchen, the Show is cashing in on the ever-so-popular reality tv show providing demonstrations with acclaimed chefs and classes for the foodies amongst us.


The Show this year has also added something new into the mix, the “Victorian Pavillion” hosting pop up restaurants of some of Melbourne’s favourites.


One of the most anticipated of this year is Hammer and Tong, a small eatery in Fitzroy that prides itself on their amazing Soft shell crab burger, and has just come out of a long standing stall at the summer night Markets.

soft shell crab hammer and tong

Another pavilion expected to kick off this year is the “Tastes of Victoria: Brew and BBQ,” housing some of Victoria’s finest breweries.


Bright Brewery – 20-23rd September

Napoleon Cider – 20-23rd September

Boneyard – 20-23rd September

3 Ravens – 24th-27th September

Yarra Valley Cider – 24-27th September

Two Birds – 24-27th September

Mountain Goat –  28-1st October

Cheeky Rascal-  28-1st October

2 Brothers – 28-1st October

For those who still crave the sugar high of the giant show bags, there are a bunch of new rides and agricultural tents to get lost in, my ultimate guilty pleasure being the woodchopping. There’s really nothing like rotund country men hacking into tree trunks at lightening speed, something that is certainly a fascinating sight (and sound) for all ages.

2013 Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne show runs from the 20th September – 1st October