Everyone’s favourite piss takers (except maybe Chet Faker) The Meeting Tree, have released their debut EP Life Is Long Slow Down. The six-track offering includes the single ‘I Pay My Tax (I Hate Myself)’ featuring Janet English and showcased The Meeting Tree Alternative Wellness Retreat.

The EP has trap hits, slow electronic jams and a John Farnham influenced lament to paying tax, which is probably why the lads Raph Lauren and Joyride thought it fit to induct themselves at the ARIA’s as the Godfathers of Australian Dance Music (ADM), you’ll hear no complaints from us.

Life Is Long Slow Down is fit, flirty and has double F’s. If you feel like the Australian music scene is too serious then get yourself a sick pack of Bundaberg Ginger Beer a copy of Life Is Long Slow Down and chill the fuck out.

From the mouths of the lads themselves:

“Life is long.” Says Joyride. “Don’t feel bad about mainly just looking at your phone.”

“Life is long.” Says Raph. “Just because I’m good at it doesn’t mean I enjoy it.”

“Life is long.” Says Joyride. “Repeat simple phrases to achieve gravitas.”

“Life is long.” Says Raph. “Shane Warne wrote his name on this tracksuit.”

Tour Dates:

11 December
W4, w/Spit Syndicate
Melbourne, Vic

12 December
The Zoo, w/Spit Syndicate
Brisbane, QLD

30 December
Falls Festival
Lorne, Vic