Anniversary videos should encapsulate certain features; nostalgic crowd footage, beer fuelled adventures, live footage of the artist, cameos of locations the band visited on tour. However, arguably and most importantly, a good anniversary video should contain as displayed in the video above, as much close-up lush-beard loving action as possible.

The Beards, likeable to an ensemble of middle-aged Dads fuelled with the courage of Victorian Bitters, have consistently across the past decade stood strong propagating to the globe the virtues of having a beard, are now happy to announce the release of their new single,’Ten Long Years, One Long Beard.’ Accompanying the single, comes a video showcasing their journey, and beard related trial and tribulations they have encountered across the last decade of them being a band.

Nostalgia sets the tone for the video, as the journey montage takes place. Viewers are treated to various close-up frames of envy-inducing facial hair, showcasing the artful growth of them as artists and more notably, their beards. Erupting into a stubble-shredding anthem towards the peak of the song, The Beards prove that even after a career spanning ten years they remain fuelled by the very same facial-hair ferocity, that cemented their way into the hearts of fans globally.

The single comes as a part of an anniversary package, a compilation double-album from which the single takes its name, includes a greatest hits package with remastered tracks from all four studio albums, alongside several rare and previously unreleased songs. Completing the package is a live set recording from Sydney’s iconic Metro Theatre April 2015.

We’ve spent ten years perfecting the art of writing pro-beard anthems, and now fans finally have the chance to access all of our beardiest material in one place,” says lead drummer John Beardman Jr. in response to the release of ‘Ten Long Years, One Long Beard’. 

Celebratory to the decade that has been, The Beards are set to embark upon a national tour this October more information on ticketing details can be found here.