Overnight The Avalanches released a video clip on their official YouTube account titled ‘Since They Left You’. The video features their critically acclaimed single ‘Since I Left You’ from their debut album playing in the background, and the entire video is really a self-aware mocking of how long it has been since their last album. The video features the likes of Danny Brown, Ariel Pink, Father John Misty, and Jennifer Herrema, all of whom have been rumoured to have been working with The Avalanches in the past.

The video likes to kindly remind us of all the times in the past 16 years that we have gotten our hopes up for the electronic outfits sophomore LP, but we’re hoping this time that it’s for real.

In the past, it has been rumours on message boards or comments from other artists about possible collaborations, but we’ve never really had The Avalanches publically acknowledge the long wait in such an official manner till today. This along with the band’s recent inclusion in the 2016 Splendour In The Grass lineup in Byron Bay, is causing fans to struggle between cautiously optimistic to full blown mental breakdown of excitement. You only have to look at the facebook comments from when they updated their Cover photo on Facebook in April. We’ve been hurt before.

Their debut album Since I Left You was received with huge success and critical acclaim winning multiple awards and widely considered to be one of the best Australian albums of the 2000s.

If you feel like you can love again then watch the video below, for the rest of us, I’ll see it when I believe it….