Ahead of jamming out at Brisbane’s Bigsound later this year, Tempura Nights have dropped their latest track ‘Studville’. And it is a banger.

Exhibiting their vast mixture of musical influences from poppy beats to punk like vocals, ‘Studville’ is the jangly garage pop tune we have been hanging for from this Brisbane outfit.

Tempura Nights was initially created as an outlet for the members to blow off steam from their more serious roles in other bands (ie Go Violets, The Good Sports, Major Leagues). Yet the charismatic wit delivered by vocalist Alice Rezende, in conjunction with an unassuming instrumental beat throughout ‘Studville’ shows just why they have deservedly sparked attention in the Australian music scene.

Albeit the track only spanning for a minute thirty, ‘Studville’ will leave a much longer lasting impact on the listener with its fun garage grunge vibes.

Catch them at Bigsound in Brisbane, playing Rics Bar Wednesday, September 9th – Tickets Here