For a few short weeks every January, Sydney is tuned into all things art; offering a kaleidoscope of acts and performances that transform the city into a cultural haven for the annual Sydney Festival.

sydney festival

Running from the 8th to the 26th of January, The Sydney Festival has just announced some of its first acts. Tabac Rouge, directed and choreographed by James Thierrée, is a show that combines acting, dancing, acrobatics, music and mime into a dark and fantastical nightmare.

tabac rouge

Entering as the fourth incarnation of James Thierré’s twisted fantasies at the festival, Tabac Rouge follows the sell out shows of Junebug Symphony, Bright Abyss and Au Revior Parapluie.

Haunted by images of beauty and chaos, Tabac Rouge transports the audience into the delirious world of a disillusioned King Lear; with the set’s mirrors, the choreography and music combining to create a choreodrama about desire, power, anthropology, highlighting and questioning the systems and mechanisms of society.

The show features an enthralling mix of mirrors, costumes and dancers constantly rising and falling. However, the most impressive part of the show is the set’s enormous contraption ‘la trame.’ Constructed from an enormous scaffold of pipes mirrors and wheels, la trame integrates the set with that of the performers, making each part of the stage equally as important as the next.

tabac rouge james thierree

Sydney Festival director Lieven Bertels says of Tabac Rouge:

“It explores a world somewhere between the silent cinema, classic modern times and a Jeroen Bosch painting; sometimes dazzling and funny, sometimes alienating and grotesque, but always hypnotic.”

The Tabac Rouge season begins on the 8th January 2015.
WHEN: Preview: 7 January, 8pm. The season runs from 8 -11, 13–18, 20–23 January.

WHERE: Sydney Theatre, Walsh Bay

TICKETS: Tickets range from $119 for A Reserve to $72 for B reserve. For bookings contact the Sydney theatre.