Cascading with bright textures and sliding guitars, Melbourne five-piece Swim Season have presented an effortless Summer anthem. Itching with energy, jangly instrumentals and a quick pop fix, ‘Soldiers’ bangs on as a sonic road trip; popping with ’80s new wave, energetic percussions and one hell of a hook.

Like a montage in your favourite teen flick where everyone runs around smiling during golden hour, jumps into rivers and sinks beers, Swim Season have spared no warm note in ‘Soldiers’. With a surprisingly fitting name for their upcoming release Cascades, the single is an ode to not only the positive energy of the release, but perhaps even the band’s attitude on themselves. (Look, when I wrote the opening sentence, I really had no idea that they themselves appreciated their direction the same way.) With three shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Geelong to show off the tracks direct to fans, get ready for a Swim Season of sweat, dance and a little groove. Oh, and a Summer montage.


Friday 6th November 
Gasometer, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 28th November 
The Roxbury, Sydney NSW

Friday 11th December
Workers Club, Geelong VIC

For ticket info, click here. For now, enjoy.