Today saw the release of Sydney-based five piece, Stories latest track ‘Under Haze’ in lead up for their debut album The Youth To BecomeReleased alongside an accompanying video, fans are given a glimpse of a matured Stories while being treated to reminiscent sounds of their EP Void, laced throughout.

Suspenseful drums welcome listeners into the song, setting edge and tone, flowing on to diverse vocal tones exhibited by Morgan Dodson. This is built upon further by energetic guitar and bass tracks.The song as an entirety showcases changes in the band, leading way to a more cultivated sound, while maintaining the melodic guitars present throughout their entire body of work.

This single is a testament to Stories hard work and dedication. Through the fabrication of an energetic sound environment, the listeners are thrown amongst sound which lends familiarity, while offering additionally a whole new pallet of unfamiliar sound.

Morgan, when explaining the track, stated that however,  ‘Under Haze’ was the last song written on the album, as a band they felt, from The Youth To Become it was best suited to give individuals a taste of what is to come, as it encapsulated pieces from each different part of the record.

The Youth To Become is set to be released August 14th via UNFD.