For over four years, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) has adorned it’s foyer’s walls with commissioned artworks by some of Australia’s most well-known artists – and this year is no exception.

Stephen Bush, the man responsible for technicolour representation of colonial Australia and his unforgettable ‘Babar the Elephant’ series, is the newest artist to be given this honour, expanding upon his longstanding interest in methodologies of reproduction by installing a ‘picture of a painting’ uniquely designed for the site.

Bush’s installation follows the works of Helen Eager (2012-2013), Guan Wei (2013-2014) and Daniel Boyd (2014-2015), all of whom have been widely recognised in the International arts scene.

Revealed in 2016, the Stephen Bush commission will be a sight not to miss, his work expected to cascade over the walls in a colourful chaos that somehow, just works.