The Society of Tastemakers & Elegant People (STEP) are hosting a panel discussion on the subject of ‘Melbourne – The Music Capital’. An assortment of ideas, perspectives and passions will be explored by a group of music-related folk who know the topic only too well.

The panel will feature:
Nick O’Byrne (Milwaukee Banks, Courtney Barnett & BIGSOUND)
Woody McDonald (3RRR & Meredith)
Lucy Buckeridge (EMI & Lowtide)
Simon Winkler (3RRR & Thump)
Mikey Cahill (Heald Sun & AMP)

Performances will include:
The Harpoons (Live set)
Broadway Sounds (DJ set)

The event is scheduled to take place at The Toff in Town on Wednesday April 15.

Tickets available at Toff In Town website.