Take a step into the perfectly crazy, crass and quirky mind that is the genius of Noel Fielding, in his newest comedy show An Evening With Noel Fielding.

Peter Pan has reached the ripe old age of 41, and in his hilarious, stand-up come skit show, Noel showed Melbourne what it’s like to be held hostage by a Minataur and reverse Minatuar with the face of Nick Cave in a plasticine world, the evil mind of the Dark Side of the Moon, and the perils of losing his wife (younger brother Mike Fielding,) to an Isosceles Triangle named Gordon.

Noel bounded onto the stage wearing what can only be described as the ultimate cosmic-warlord’s cape and neck dress, flooding the audience with memories of his almost-as sparkly and just as fantastic fish-suit from this year’s 10th Anniversary Big fat quiz of the year show. Bringing back old favourites such a The Moon and Joey Ramone, Noel and his understudy Antonio Banderas (in-between jobs) fight about the comic-relevance of Noel’s jokes, including an amazingly vivid story about becoming a herbal teabag, longing to be picked and relentlessly taunted by the less-than satisfactory fennel teabag.

Along with Noel’s spot-on impersonation of Andy Murray and accidentally sitting on an Arts Reviewers lap, the highlight of the night would have to be the arrival of the not-so helpful and always hilarious NY Policeman Sergeant Raymond Boombox and his Mystic Sidekick Skyhawk – a bum-showing hawk cross tennis player, who catapulted themselves into the crowd, cross-examining the audience to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of Noel mid-way through his own show, (Who would’ve thought!)

The night ended with a bang, dragging a young man named Steve on stage to help save Noel with his giant curly penis. Exploding with dry ice and confetti, this young man’s curly bits exemplified all that is Noel; silly, fun and a tad bit naughty.

Mixed with some not-so ad-lib ad-lib, Tobler-boners and a full police investigation, Noel’s natural comedic style, sense of humour and fantastic dress sense made a night with him one that I’ll always remember!

Leaving the crowd with the desperate ache for more ridiculous comedy, reminded us all how thankful we are for Julienne (Howard Moon of the Mighty Boosh), as if it wasn’t for him, Noel’d still be lying on the floor of his bakery job, shovelling eclairs into his mouth.


Noel is currently showing ‘An evening with Noel Fielding’ Nationally, followed by dates in the U.S. later this year.