Sydney indie-rock unit, Spookyland have revealed that they are set to release their debut record Beauty Already Beautiful in May this year. The much-awaited album will feature eleven original tracks from the local up and comers.

Ahead of this exciting news, the guys have dropped a brand new single, ‘God Eyes’. Frontman Marcus Gordan’s vocals on the track are expectedly unique and forever captivating while his fellow band members are as on point as ever. The emotionally powerful tune is a perfect way to introduce the album to patiently awaiting fans.

When speaking about ‘God Eyes’, Gordan says “A whole lot of eyeball metaphors in this song. It’s about something going wrong along the way, or at least wondering if something did. The line “god’s eyes have to blink’ is repeated a lot, so blaming God for the world’s woes can seem reasonable, pathetic, funny or even annoying, all in one listen”.

As if a brand new record and single wasn’t enough to celebrate, Spookyland have also announced they will be launching the track at shows in Sydney and Melbourne before setting off overseas. Check out the dates below and stay tuned for more Spookyland tracks.

Listen to ‘God Eyes’ now. Beauty Already Beautiful is out May 6th 2016. For more information, head to Spookyland’s page.