Today in the ramshackle’s of travelling rock’n’roll, The Snowdroppers are quick to kick up the dust and announce themselves as Gluttons For Punishment. Hallmarked by their quick-witted attitude and shit-hot live performances courtesy of a good ol’ booty shaking, the band have clocked in at almost a decade of making music together; leaving behind many empty bottles, unbalanced recollections and a loyal fanbase stapled in positivity.

After being on the road for a solid three months in 2015, their critically acclaimed record Business struck new and old listeners alike; met with sold out shows across the country including spots at BIGSOUND, Queenscliff Music Festival, and two headline performances in Sydney including Rolling Stone’s Live Lodge (that sold out months in advance). Off the hump of 2015, Gluttons Of Punishment Tour will see a brand new live and visual show, alongside killer tagalongs from The Hard Aches, The Strums and Twin Fires. With a little curiosity, we hit up The Snowdroppers for an imaginary dating introduction; a glimmer into the band’s thoughts on ~love~ and their relationships with one another making noise.



Mental Age Of The Band:

Pauly – Guitar. Nicky – Bass. Andy – Drums. Jerry – Vox.

Currently Looking For:
Fast cars and fast women.

Favourite Midnight Snack:

Bad Habits You’re Proud Of:
I imagine it has something to do with farting.

Most Important Value In Your Band’s Relationship?

What Do You Do For Fun?
Internet video gaming.

How Do You Spend Your Free Time Between Shows?
See above… also sitting and staring… Nicky could sit and stare for his country…

What Are You Most Proud Of?
Surviving this long!

Best Advice For Those In A Long Term Relationship?
Communicate, never go to bed angry, take a trip to Max Black together every now and again to spice things up a bit.

What Albums Will You Be Spinning On Your Upcoming Tour, Gluttons For Punishment?
Our albums??? Or do you mean what will we play in the tour van? In that case probably some Viking metal or George Benson.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
No… maybe… I’d like to… depends if I’ve been drinking… Good song by XTC though.

Gluttons For Punishment Tour Will Be Documented In It’s Entirety. Is This The Next Step In The Relationship Between The Band And Your Listeners?
I’m looking forward to our fans seeing the real us, warts and all as well as an insight into the glitz and glamour of touring life.

Which Television Or Film Characters Would Describe The Snowdroppers Best?
The 3 Stooges… and Nick.

And Finally, Do You Have Any Questions For Us On Our ~speed date~?
Scrunch or fold? Unanimous decision in the office says frunching, baby.

For more information on Glutton For Punishment, click here.