With Celtic origins and a voice with sweet and grainy textures, Bridie Monds-Watson has quickly been dubbed as a star in the rising as music marvel SOAK. The 18-year-old from Northern Ireland has a knack for composing expressive and whimsical narratives within her delicate music. SOAK will make her way to Australia for the first time to play two shows in Sydney and one in Melbourne this April. We spoke to SOAK about her music, and other such things that paved the way towards travelling, tours and making records.

Music is a nice way to escape and to elucidate:

I never wanted to actually do music as a career. I was not like a lot of seven-year-olds telling my parents that I wanted to be in the Spice Girls. I started writing as a way to sort my brain out for myself and once I started doing that I spent a lot of time in my bedroom recording. After a while, when I started sharing my music online and to friends and family I realised it was an easy way to share thoughts that I did not want to directly talk about. One thing led to another and now this my career I guess.

My songwriting can unravel with ease, but the musicality can take more time to form:

I write about experiences and situations that happen to me or I observe. The words come pretty easy, sometimes the instrumentation can take a while longer.

My own musical choices have helped to shape and inform my own musical direction:

I was surrounded by my parents music up until I was thirteen and then I started developing my own taste. Pretty much since then I have been listening to as much music as I possibly can and trying to learn as much as I can.

Some musical influences that have stayed with me:

My parents played a lot of Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell and things like that when I was younger and they are still some of my favourites.

Some albums and songs I continue to return to:

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd because its a classic. The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. Bon IverFor Emma, Forever AgoTegan and Sara– The Con. WarpaintWarpaint, to name a few.

My recording process does not adhere to any specific method:

I don’t stick to any particular formula. I record with my friend Tommy McLaughlin who plays in a band called Villagers at his studio in the middle of mountains in the Irish Countryside. I go down there with a song and we will work it out. I have a really fun time.

My response to the music business so far:

It’s cool, nothing has happened at a sprint so I’ve been eased it. It is exciting if anything but also quite scary. It is a demanding thing to be doing but I am having a lot of fun and that’s important.

What I have learnt while touring:

I think the most I ever learnt on a tour was when I toured with CHVRCHES. That was the longest tour I’ve done and also the first time I went on tour completely on my own. I learnt a lot from that tour, I also had a great time. Those guys and their crew are the nicest people ever. I think I was 16 when I toured with Tegan and Sara and that was my first ever tour. It was odd going from school to doing a few weeks driving around Europe opening shows for Tegan and Sara. Yeah, I learnt a lot. I bloody love playing live.

Ahead of coming to Australia:

It’s really, really weird that I have already sold out my first show in Sydney. I’m super excited to play and to be in Australia.

My 2015 so far:

There have been so many highlights for my year already. Finishing my album, making the BBC Radio A list- there is a ton. I hope things continue to do well and that people really enjoy my album..

SOAK’s debut album,  Before We Forgot How To Dream, is due for release on Friday 29 May via Remote Control.


Wednesday 15 April
Hibernian House, Sydney
with Jesse Davidson

Thursday 16 April
Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney
with Jesse Davidson
Tickets available here

Friday 17 April 
Shadow Electric, Melbourne
with Jesse Davidson & HOWQUA
Tickets available here