In theory, a Sunday Session is a great idea – you get to party three times in one weekend. But, in practice, it ends up with a pretty bad hangover at work on a Monday, which certainly isn’t ideal. Coming off the back of a slot at Splendour in the Grass two nights beforehand, it was clear that Oliver Lee and James Carter of Snakehips had not stopped partying since.

The crowd demographic seemed to be those whom were too poor to go to Splendour (AKA me, myself and I); those too young to attend the inaugural festival in Byron Bay. Many a fake ID would have been present in the audience, and thus the crowd was incredibly enthusiastic. Keen to not miss a single part of the show, many punters quiet literally filmed THE ENTIRE show. One punter in front of me even had taken the liberty of bring his huge iPad and was live streaming the show to his friends on Facebook. Now, don’t get me wrong taking a few snaps and videos of your night is a terrific way to remember a great live music experience but it begs the question – if you watched the whole night through your phone screen, were you really at a live music experience or could you have just watched a video at home and saved yourself $60 bucks?

Playing a large variety of remix, the set was something that you might experience at a standard night club, but the energy of the young punters kept Snakehips energised. Carter was clearly having a ripper time and at one stage even jumped onto the DJ booth, red-wine bottle still in his hand. Even proceeding to drink the entire bottle throughout the set. Like I said, they were clearly in party mode! Their signature piece of work ‘All My Friends’ was a great closer and the energy in the room lifted somewhat when the all familiar intro came on.

Although the curation of a live show is a pretty tough task, Snakehips fell very short of expectations and at times it felt that something more could be added to make this a truly live experience. This was most apparent during ‘All My Friends’ when at one point, when an expletive would normally occur a sharp bleep resounded. As this show was allegedly 18+, it felt almost as if Snakehips were simply playing a pre-recorded radio edit, which took away from what could have been a terrific show. That being said, the crowd had a terrific night partying along to some new songs mixed in with club classics which is a good achievement in itself, even if the show lacked live elements.