Melbourne band Sleepy Dreamers are celebrating five years as band with a special one-off show at the Workers Club in Melbourne.

Any excuse to throw a party, Sleepy Dreamers are doing just that tonight Friday 19th June and have remincing all week about how they met, why they love playing in a band together.

We found out all their deepest, darkest secrets from Ed Tripodi….

You’re celebrating five years as a band with a birthday gig at The Worker’s Club on June 19th. Could you tell us a bit about how Sleepy Dreamers was born? 

It’s not a bad little story! The four of us met at Melbourne aquarium, Matt was working as a shark at the time, Cal was a tour guide, Shannon had a yearly pass to visit his beloved marine life and I was fixing a leak in one of the tanks. We met in the break room and got chatting about music, five years later here we are. I heard that in honour of our birthday the aquarium is putting on a ‘Sleepy Dreamers Underwater Extravaganza’. 

Bands and particularly young bands, tend to have a short shelf life for many reasons – growing and varying musical tastes, changing group dynamics, etc. What do you think has helped fuel and strengthen the group?

I think our group is pretty lucky to have been around for this long, I guess we owe it partially to the fact that none of us have ever ruled with an iron fist, the band has managed to stay ludicrously fun and I reckon that’s a major part of it.

What kind of musical backgrounds do you each come from?

To be perfectly honest, I have very little idea what each of the other boys childhoods were like re music background. I know we all started playing really young, joined primary school rock bands and formed our own bands in early high school, then, like I said we met each other and the good times have rolled ever since

How have you approached creating a sound that’s uniquely Sleepy Dreamers? Do you feel it’s something that’s still a work in progress?

I think we started finding a sound we liked through trial and error of ripping off the bands we were into at the time. I reckon that’s probably how most young bands did/do it. I think vocally we always tried to get the harmonies to stand out, and that’s something that we still try to do. we’ve been pretty lucky to be able to move musically without anyone in the band saying ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’. it will ideally be a work in progress for the band’s lifespan!

What do you do/where do you go to get inspired?

I can really only speak for myself on this one, and the answer is a shocker; as far as I can tell, I have zero consistency with writing songs. sometimes it’ll be five songs a week I can write and sometimes it’ll be one a month. it just happens when it happens, which is a rubbish system, but it’s the only one I’ve go.

What do you find are some of the more challenging parts of creating music?

Hanging out with Shannon probably.

You’ve released two EPs so far – your debut Creatures, and Local Football, released late last year. Do you have anything in the works for release this year?

I’m currently sitting in the recording studio listening to shan lay down a guitar track! we’re working on a two song release to be released real soon, in the next few months. what do you call a two song release? an EP? a double single?

Do you see yourselves collaborating with other local artists in the future?

I’d bloody love to! playing shows with other local bands we love is joyous for us, I can’t see why collaborating would be anything less than that.


Friday June 19th 2015
The Workers Club, Melbourne
With supports Run Rabbit Run and Open Swimmer (solo)
Doors 8:30pm / $8