Bluesy, grungy and poetic. From the very first note, the powerful and catchy guitar riffs deliver raw power to its listeners.

The single ‘We Don’t Need Ya’ is an introduction to Reilly Fitzalan and a good one too. Showcasing his musical and vocal ability the singles epic instrumentation, courtesy of the EP’s producer – friend and musical visionary Daniel Pinkerton, and provides just a taste of what is to come on the debut EP Dead Arrows. 

Written at a time in his life when the people that he needed most were not to be seen, Reilly came to understand that rather than needing certain people, all he really needed was himself, and hence was born ‘We Don’t Need Ya’. The depth of emotion in the songs lyrics and his vocal performance provides yet another glimpse of Reilly’s song writing abilities which shines through the entire EP.

This debut single will be accompanied by a single launch on the 29th of October at Some Velvet Morning.

Tickets available @ Outix